Why I decided Public Relations was the right fit

As a typical freshman, I did what most do and picked a major that I ended up changing within five minutes of being a student at Grand Valley. After spending a majority of my free time playing sports through out grade school, I thought it would be logical to major in athletic training. That was until I attended a few health classes and left more green in the face than interested in fixing peoples dismantled bodies.

Well, the indecisiveness didn’t stop there. While many students take one strait road to their degree, I’m making it more interesting and wiggling down a winding road to mine. You know when the college tour guide tells you that you shouldn’t feel bad about changing a major because it took them multiple attempts to get to theirs? Well, they should start making that “warning” a sticker to put on your binders or agendas because I found out really fast that, that is a common thing most college students do. But hey, I am not complaining! I believe that taking the time to slowly maneuver down my winding road is really helping me understand what is the right major and career for me.

I am in a sorority…shocker, right…well, it was to me. My sister joined her sophomore year and when I came to Grand Valley she pretty much gave me no choice, I just had to join. Actually, to my surprise, I genuinely liked the girls I got to meet and decided, what the heck, I might as well join this organization and see what it has to offer.

Little did I know that those screaming girls dressed in head to toe pastels are the women that would help me understand the educational path I wanted to take. Once I joined the sorority, I was able to talk to girls that were in the same situation as me. Started with a bio major and now don’t know what to do. Immediately after joining, I was given the chances to volunteer around campus and meet great people who I got to work with on events. Also, I was awarded the opportunity to represent my chapter on junior panhel where I was planning events and promoting greek life. One of the girls I was working with knew that I was miserable with my current major and mentioned something about public relations. After some consideration and talking to some girls who majored in public relations in my sorority, I thought it was worth a shot to try it out.

Again, to my surprise, I loved public relations. Once I changed my major and started my PR classes, I quickly realized I was in the right place. What I realized is that public relations is stepping outside of the box and making something look great in the best way possible. Through out my entire time here at Grand Valley that is all I have been doing. I have been taking the time to step out of the box and try things that I may not have thought to be fun or interesting to me. I want to help people see that kind of desire in the product or company that I will one day promote. I want my clients to step out of the box and see the potential that their brand has for success. The more I pursue this career the more I want to succeed in it, and I can honestly say that I will not be switching directions to another major.


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