Current Crisis: Planned Parenthood

The Planned Parenthood crisis broke out a little over 4 months ago. Blowing up all social media across the nation and exploiting videos that many individuals felt were extremely inappropriate. The Wall Street Journal wrote an article stating, “The crisis this week involves Planned Parenthood and how it is dealing with the release of videotapes showing medical personnel talking to undercover activists who filmed them speaking about collecting and selling tissues from aborted fetuses for medical research (Dipietro, 2015)”. This created a huge scandal amongst many Americans and arose debates amongst political groups on whether or not the process of abortion should be legal.

In recent articles, Fox News spoke out about the disturbing videos stating, “A new, graphic video released by the Center for Medication Progress is the latest undercover video that describes the reported black market for selling fetal body parts (Fox News Insider, 2015)”. This would be the third undercover video that was released confirming that Planned Parenthood officials were discussing the selling of aborted fetal body parts. Once the video was released again, Planned Parenthood representatives spoke out about the videos claiming that they were not true and that Pro-Life activists morphed the videos into something that they believed would grab the attention of other people, especially politicians. They claim that pro-life activists want to use the videos as evidence in passing a law that all abortion should be illegal.

Political debates on the topic have increased dramatically since the tapes were released. This not only put Planned Parenthood in the spotlight, but also many other health centers that deal directly with the abortion process. In recent debates, Jeb Bush has spoken out saying that he believes congress has the right to investigate based upon the videos that have been leaked (O’Keefe, 2015). He also believes that any federal investigation is justified by the amount of federal funding that these programs are receiving (O’Keefe, 2015). The political aspects pertaining to this subject have struck up a great deal of controversy. Laws are looking to be passed against Planned Parenthood due to the videos.

The crisis of the Planned Parenthood videos has caused a great deal of controversy and debate amongst Americans not only in politics, but in every day life. The news coverage of Planned Parenthood representatives has only shed a more negative light on the crisis. Representatives are denying the videos and stating that they were morphed into something they are not, even though they have demonstrated clearly in three separate videos that they are selling fetal body parts. Other Planned Parenthood representatives have been saying that they are, “…stressing special ways to abort babies without “crushing” them so their organs and limbs can be harvested for researchers…(Hall, 2015)”. According to Hall, women are not giving up on reporting the news from health centers to continue to provide new evidence of the leaked video footage.

In my opinion, I think the way Planned Parenthood representatives handled the matter only caused more criticism from the public. I find that after watching videos and interviews, the crisis management team does not appear to be doing any “fixing.” In order to implement an effective plan, there should have been a meeting between all of the head spokespersons for the company to lay down some guidelines. First, it would have been effective to issue a script to those who speak out about the company. If the topic of the leaked videos or anything else confrontational were to come up, the staff would know exactly what to say and most importantly, the statements would be the same across the board. Secondly, there should be an understanding that these videos are in the public eye and denying what the public is seeing is just setting up the company for more negative accusations. The only thing that this crisis management team appears to be doing is just telling their spokespersons to deny the videos and nothing else. Obviously this is not helping the companies overall image, and in order to hold on to the little integrity that they have left, they need to be making more of a real action plan. For example, releasing statements every time a new video is released, writing speeches for executive personnel who will be getting interviewed by the press, holding press conferences, and hosting events that showcase other services Planned Parenthood provides patients. Their image is the number one thing that is being diminished, so showing that they are still a strong company, even though they are up against many pitch forks and screaming protestors, will ultimately help their image for the time being.


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