CAP 105 Highlights Throughout the Semester

During my Winter 2016 semester, I found my CAP 105 class to be most beneficial for future career opportunities. This class was focused around technology and it’s relation to APR professions. I found that there are many aspects of technology that we as students forget to acknowledge when applying for future jobs. Being social media gurus, it is crucial that we understand how to manage and connect with consumers through social media. And if there is one thing in this class I won’t forget after graduating it is all the social media advice I received.

Although there was a vast range of technologies I explored during my time in this class, social media was the one that stuck. You never really think about the impacts a simple hashtag can have on your SEO and recognition from potential employers. Managing social media that displays and engages with posts and articles that relate to your future career ambitions is crucial in setting yourself up for success. Through social media one can also excel in an APR profession. Learning, connecting, and communicating with publics for a company can be huge and social media is the ticket in to performing these tasks efficiently.

Overall, this class has taught me not only how to brand myself for future success, but also how to lead a company to that success. Understanding technology is huge in our generation and through this class I have learned much more than I ever thought I could. Establishing effective social media can make or break your personal image as well as a company’s image. I am thankful for the knowledge and skills I have obtained from this class. I think they will excel me in my future endeavors in an APR profession.


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