Library Technology Showcase

When visiting the showcase, I did not expect to have the experience that I did. As a student, I had always passed by the showcase never really thinking about what might be in it. I had always heard people talk about it, but I never thought to visit it myself. The amount of amazing technology in there is extremely fascinating. My experience to the showcase was very eye opening to say the least.

In this generation, technology has basically consumed the population. The majority of what we do every day revolves around the use of technology. With that being said, I did not realize the extent of awesome technology the showcase has provided for us to use and explore. From a 3D printer, iPhone soap, and the Sphero ball to Google glasses, interactive boards for teaching, and multiple other technologies, the showcase has it all. The device that displays a visual of someone on an iPad and is able to move around to different places I thought was extremely innovative. That could be used for a variety of purposes and could give people the chance to experience opportunities they may not be able to experience regularly.

In relation to advertising and public relations, some of the technology we experienced could develop and change the way that companies reach their target audience. With virtual imaging and 3D printers, advertisers are able to develop images and display them in a real environment, giving the client a visual that is very realistic. This could also contribute to public relations because with technology such as the interactive boards and 360 degree cameras, PR professionals are able to express their campaigns realistically. All of this technology could advance these professions by giving them an opportunity to share their ideas with the client in a very realistic way instead of just written on paper. This technology could create a completely new definition for the way that these professions develop their ideas.