PR Reflection

Throughout this semester, I have gained knowledge and experience within the public relations field. I never thought that over the course of 14 weeks I would have developed such a new perspective on public relations. This class has presented me with a variety of opportunities to further my understanding and respect for my major. I have grown throughout this process not only within this field of study, but as a student.

In the beginning of this experience, I thought this class would be just like any other class I have taken at Grand Valley. All I wanted was to get in and out of the class with a good grade. I wasn’t expecting the experience that I was about to have throughout this class.

I never would have thought I would have come out of this class knowing how to create and design an entire campaign plan book for an actual client by myself. The fact that I have gained the understanding of how to do that is a huge step in applying for careers in the future. A campaign book is a huge project and a big deal in the realm of public relations. Having gained this knowledge, I feel that it will continually benefit me within my future.

When it comes to basic public relations information. I can now say I know exactly what public relations professionals do, where as before I had no exact idea of the profession. Gaining this piece of knowledge has helped me better grasp the fields of business that I will be exploring when it comes time to find a career. And this also has allowed me to explain exactly what public relations is to my parents, who either don’t know what it consists of or think that it is only observing social media. Public relations is more than the stigmas placed on it. It is an intricate process that is composed of various parts. It is a large part of a company’s dynamic and without it, companies would struggle to appeal to their target audiences.

If there is one thing I have learned from this class about public relations it is that it is a profession that conforms to the needs of it’s clients. Whether or not you want to do something because you feel it would be successful, it is not about you. Every decision is made based upon exponential amounts of crucial information that is found solely by the public relations professional. It is not only looking at social media, blog posts, articles online, or performing primary research, it is all these things combined. The process is critical for a successful campaign within public relations and missing a step could be detrimental to a company.

Overall, I have learned that this class is not only a benefit to my knowledge, but a benefit to my future and success within a company. This class has given me knowledge and understand of public relations that I would have never known without it. It has taught me all the elements of creating a campaign and it has given me the confidence to trust in myself to make decisions. This class taught me how to be independent and push myself to find the answers. I have appreciated the time I have spent within this class and the new perspective and knowledge it has given me.